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Natural Pain Relief Supplements

Natural Pain Relief Supplements
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Advanced Acidophilus (60's)
A broad spectrum acidophilus formula used specifically with pain from autoimmune conditions due to their link with the gut. Also useful for taking after anti-biotics and for Candida or digestive disorders. Works by restoring the guts “friendly” bacteria which contribute up to 60% of the bodies immunity and digestion.

Ashwagandha (60's)
An ancient Indian Herb which has an amazing array of beneficial health properties. Useful particularly for pain relief from auto-immune conditions, arthritis, stress, viral/bacterial/fungal infections, chronic fatigue and cardiovascular health conditions.

A Natural Topical Roll-on analgesic available made with 100% natural and organic ingredients. This product is safe to use for all the family and for a variety of pain conditions.

CoQ10 (30's)
Produced naturally in the body and works by stimulating the mitochondria in cells which are involved in energy production. Particularly useful in autoimmune conditions to counter fatigue, muscle pain and weakness, poor exercise tolerance and lowered immune function. Also very effective for the side effects of statin and beta blocker medications.

Ester C (90's)
Has a natural anti-inflammatory action with side-benefits of strengthening and healing the bodies collagen (supporting) tissue and aiding the immune system and detoxification.

Glucosamine / Chondroitin / MSM (120's)
Excellent for both tissue repair and aiding cartilage regeneration with a strong natural anti-inflammatory action.

Glucosamine / Chondroitin / MSM (60's)
Excellent for both tissue repair and aiding cartilage regeneration with a strong natural anti-inflammatory action.

Joint Support (7), Flexibility & Mobility (30's)
This is an exciting next generation product incorporating clinically tested natural anti-inflammatory nutrients with collagen to support joint repair. One tablet daily and combines well with Glucosamine/MSM complex.

L-Theanine (60's)
This is really helpful if you are having high levels of stress/anxiety combined with sleep deprivation resulting from your pain/injury.

Magnesium Citrate (120's)
Excellent for relieving the protective muscle spasm associated with pain and calming the nervous system. Side benefits in helping your stress, anxiety, sleep problems, fluid retention and calcium absorption.

Omega 3’s (120's)
Research has shown that the Omega 3’s have an anti-inflammatory action by inhibiting the bodies release of prostaglandins. Also great for your brain, nervous system, cholesterol and skin.

Quercetin (100's)
Provides anti-inflammatory action especially useful for auto-immune problems with a strong side benefit

Thermogenic Complex (60's)
A scientifically formulated blend of components designed to increase your metabolic rate there by aiding in weight loss related to the pain caused by excessive loading on your joints and spine. Comes with a weight loss guide.

Ultimate Bone Support (120's)
I recommend this for pain associated with fractures and/or osteoporosis to stimulate bone repair with high levels of co-factors to enhance calcium absorption.

VM2000 (60's)
A high grade multi-vitamin/antioxidant formula used to combat fatigue associated with pain/autoimmune conditions with a high B-Complex rating. Also serves to ‘mop-up’ the free radicals associated with inflammation/tissue damage whilst enhancing your immunity and providing the import trace elements associated with many serious health conditions.

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