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BodyTalk/Reiki Practitioner

Janine Stokes

Certified BodyTalk & PaRama BodyTalk Practitioner, Reiki Master Practitioner, NZIMDipMgt, NZDipBus 

In 2003 I was facing challenges in my health, and could not find anything that helped.  This sent me on a personal journey of having to expand my awareness to look at other options besides just "going to the doctor" to be able to change my health, and life.   I had always been a skeptic of using any sort of “other" therapies.   I found my way first to Reiki, and then to BodyTalk.   These completely changed my life and opened my eyes.   I came to the realisation that wellness is not just about looking at and treating only the physical symptoms, I had to go underneath all this and deal with lots of other aspects to get to the cause of what was manifesting my symptoms - which these modalities do so well!!   

After experiencing the benefits and positive changes that all this had on my own health, and also in my life  - I was so impressed that I decided I wanted to pass this onto others, and completed all the trainings to become a Reiki Master, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (CBP), and then continued in my BodyTalk study to become a PaRama BodyTalk Practitioner  - which uses much more advanced techniques and in depth workings of the body-mind complex.    In BodyTalk there are new courses coming out all the time for us to keep up with the latest research - so I am now a perpetual student!

I use a combination of these modalities for a personal individualised treatment plan to help clients with any sorts of issues they have going on in the mind or body.    I am very passionate about this work, and enjoy facilitating change for people in their own health and life journeys.  My specialised interest is in facilitating change for women who are suffering from anxiety/depression/low self esteem, or who are feeling stuck or lost in their lives, and struggling to deal with the stresses of everyday life - and addressing all the consequential health issues/dis-eases in the body that these factors cause.

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