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Self Treatment Aids

Self Treatment Aids
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 Therapeutic Pillow
This is an adjustable memory foam pillow designed to allow for different body types. Memory foam contours to the neck curves and moulds itself with body heat but effectively springs back to its original shape after use.

Ergo-Back Support - Large
Contoured spinal support which aligns the spine in sitting by supporting the lumber and thoracic curves, giving better total postural correction than with lumbar rolls.

Ergo-Back Support - Small
Contoured spinal support which aligns the spine in sitting by supporting the lumber and thoracic curves, giving better total postural correction than with lumbar rolls.

Foam Roller
This is a specialised high density foam roller made from 100% recycled NZ plastic. Very effective for applying to specific acupressure points as well as self massage, myofasial release and spinal stretches to aid pain and mobility. Comes with a user guide manual. Also available in a smaller and larger size.

Orthopaedic Braces - Ankle Stabiliser
Helps protect from medial + lateral rollover. Unique contoured spring with lower curve to protect important ankle ligaments. For sport & everyday use, helps overcome recurring ankle sprain.

Orthopaedic Braces - Elastastrap Knee Stabliser
Non-restrictive for high performance active sport. Extra protection for anterior and collateral ligament & meniscus for improved stability to aide healing and reduce joint stress.

Orthopaedic Braces - Sportsguard Knee Stabliser
Stabilising straps for weak or injured knees Effective strapping alternative to repetitive taping Cartilage Pain, Anterior cruciate strain, Knee Instability, Knee replacement support, Meniscus Pain, Posterior Cruciate Ligament, Unstable Knee Joint

Orthopaedic Braces - Tennis Elbow
This Elbow Strap applies pressure over tendons to help relieve painful tennis elbow problems. Adjustable thermal neoprene wraparound support in a convenient universal size features Velcro® cinch strap and nylon facing on both sides.

Orthopaedic Braces - Thermastrap Back
Designed specifically for lumber support - fits & supports critical lumber areas. Best fitting & most comfortable for lumbar area weakness. Double locking system ensures non-slip during your sporting activity.

Orthopaedic Braces - Thermastrap Sportsguard Shoulder
Ideal for night time joint discomfort. Firm adjustable lock in place fastening strap for unstable or subluxating shoulder joint alignment

Orthopaedic Braces - Thermastrap Thumb/Wrist
Tension strap gives basic "unrestricted" support, comfort & warmth for arthritic joint, golfers wrist, Fibromyalgia, occupational weakness, carpal tunnel

This is a well trialled device that is clinically shown to reduce and manage pain by delivering a soothing electrical pulse which effectively blocks the pain message being sent by the brain from the affected area via the ‘pain-gate’ theory. Product comes complete with electrodes and battery. Please refer to our ‘pain location chart’ to sort electrode placement.

The Backnobber
This is an ‘S’ shaped device that dismantles in half for easy storage. The distinctive shape effectively allows you to locate and self-treat all the pain spots throughout the body which can then be followed-up with effective stretching. Comes complete with a full users guide.

Wheat Packs
These are very useful in relieving pain associated with muscle spasm. Large enough to wrap around all joints and back with a removable centre cover for cleaning. Heat in microwave for 2-3 minutes with small glass of water and apply to affected area for 10-15 minutes. Alternatively place in a sealed plastic bag in freezer and use as a cold pack. Variety of 30 colours available.

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