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How It Works
A natural pain relieving gel is specifically designed to warm your muscles prior to daily activities or exercise, and aids in the natural healing process of the body. The warming effects are also excellent in helping to relieve the painful effects of both Osteo and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Biofreeze is an all natural, deep-penetrating, aloe-based warming gel that contains NO chemicals, and works quickly and effectively to relieve aches and pains.

When To Use It
Biofreeze is a natural pain relieving gel is most effective before exercise or daily activities, after sustaining an injury or with an existing ailment (e.g. arthritis).

How To Use It
Massage a generous amount of Biofreeze pain relieving gel on the ailing part of the body for direct relief symptoms. Leave on your body to experience the deep-penetrating warming relief and natural healing process. Use up to four times per day on affected area. Wash hands thoroughly after application of the gel. Do not use Biofreeze natural pain relieving gel on your eyes or sensitive areas of your body. DO NOT INGEST ORALLY!



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