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natural-pain-productsThis specialised Physio-Shop was formed to effectively empower clients to both prevent and manage their own pain ..... naturally.  Over my years in private practice I have clinically trialled all of my products which I believe are the best on the market.  They can either be used in the privacy of your own home or in conjunction with your current treatment.  These can be viewed separately under "Physio Shop" Natural Pain Solutions category or as my personal clinical recommendations, under “Injury Diagnosis” for your convenience.

Pain Coach

Due to the complexity of many conditions, it is often recommended to email   for specific diagnosis and product recommendations.  However, if your problem is relatively simple you can go to my personal recommendation guide below which covers the most common pain conditions.

Product Recommendations based on Injury Diagnosis:

Acute Natural Pain Relief

- Raw Heat/Raw Ice can be applied 2 hourly over the affected pain area. Particularly effective for superficial injuries to the joint, ligaments, muscles and tendons.

- Wheat Pack - Can be applied at regular intervals over the affected spinal area which gives significant pain relief whilst reducing muscle spasm.  Alternatively for acute joint or soft tissue swelling use as an ice pack by placing in a sealed plastic bag in the freezer.

In both cases use for 15-20 minute durations applied on regular 2-4hr intervals.

- Inflavanoid Supplements - These are an excellent combination of natural pain relievers that can be used safely and effectively for acute pain relief without the side effects.

- Magnesium Citrate - This is fantastic in the acute stage of soft tissue and back pain, to help relieve the associated protective muscle spasm.

Chronic/Long Term Injuries

Chronic refers to pain or an injury that has been there for three months or greater.


Chronic Joint Pain/Osteoarthritis ie: Ankle/Knee/Hip/Shoulder/Hands/Feet

Pain relief and Natural anti-inflammatory relief is recommended through the use of the following products:

- Raw Heat/Raw Ice

- Supplements - Inflavanoids and/or Glucosamine/MSM Complex and/or Joint Support 7

- Wheat Pack

- Orthopaedic Braces which is joint specific

- Rehab Kit which is joint specific

- Orthotic Insoles/Shoes specifically for lower limb injuries ie: Ankle/Knee/Hip


Back/Spinal Pain

Pain relief and Natural anti-inflammatory relief is recommended through the use of the following products:

- Raw Heat/Raw Ice

- Supplements - Magnesium and Inflavanoids and/or Joint Support 7

- Wheat Pack

- Orthopaedic Back Brace to be used for specific loaded activities

- Spinal Rehab Kit

- Spinal Support Systems 

- Orthotic Insoles/Shoes

- Self Treatment Aids - Back-knobbler and/or Tens Unit






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