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Lisa Pearson

Lisa Pearson

Owner/Practice Manager

Upon completing an Accounting Course after leaving school, I spent many years travelling and working overseas, mainly Europe. I came back to New Zealand in the year 2000 after my big O.E and settled back down in my home town of Tauranga in the Mighty Bay of Plenty where I met my fiance Al. We have 3 awesome children Troy, Aidan & Eva-Rose.

We have recently sold our 7 days a week business, and I have worked for Body Mechanix for over 10 years. My partner and I decided since it was a good fit that we would purchase The Practice.

I enjoy meeting new and existing clients, and seeing them come through the clinic and leaving very satisfied with the treatments they have received.

I enjoy walking, swimming, skiing, spending good quality time with the family outdoors and exploring the country.

Lisa Nhan

Lisa Nhan

Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree (DPM)

Dr Lisa Nhan is a board-certified foot and ankle-trained specialist and foot surgeon from Southern California. After graduating from Georgetown University in Washington DC, she completed her Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree (DPM) in the San Francisco Bay Area. Lisa then went on to complete her 3-year podiatric medicine and surgery residency training program at Long Beach Medical Center in Southern California with a focus on sports medicine and diabetic lower extremity care.

Over the last 10 years, she has worked in private practice and hospital-based practices in America. With her advanced training, Lisa will be able to provide exceptional patient care on an individualised basis in the full range of podiatric services. Lisa enjoys the challenge and shared the success of getting her patients back on their feet to live an active, healthy lifestyle.

After meeting her husband, who is a Kiwi from the beautiful Bay of Plenty, and now with two young kids, the family has decided to raise their boy and girl in New Zealand where the children can grow up surrounded by nature and enjoy a wholesome family life.

Call us on 07 578 6080 to book an appointment with Lisa.

Liz Hosking

Liz Hosking

Podiatrist Dip.Pod (NZ) BSc Hons (UK)

I have been practising for nearly 40 years and it is a pleasure to care for all ages and even up to three generations in a family!

Clinical practice has changed immensely after this time, but also the rates of patient to practitioner. There is more of a collaboration and teamwork approach which together gets the best outcomes.

In my spare time, I enjoy family time and my gardens.

Call us on 07 578 6080 to book an appointment with Liz.

Mandy Girling

Mandy Girling

Podiatrist BSc Hons Podiatry (UK)

Mandy first started her career as a registered general nurse working for the NHS in the UK. In 2011 she graduated from the University of Salford with a bachelor of science with honours in Podiatry.

Over the last 11 years has worked in a variety of clinics including general podiatry, musculoskeletal, diabetes, rheumatoid, gait analysis and nail surgery. Mandy eventually decided she wanted to travel more and moved to New Zealand 6 years ago to Rotorua on a working visa. It was here she met her partner Zac and ended up staying in New Zealand as she fell in love with the lifestyle and beautiful country.

In 2018 she moved to Tauranga and worked in many different clinics specialising in musculoskeletal helping athletes and ACC injuries recover.

After having her beautiful baby boy Timothy, she now works part-time for Body Mechanix. She enjoys treating patients using a holistic approach and providing the best care possible to help resolve her patients’ foot complications.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family going for bike rides, walking up the mount and having picnics in the park.

Call us on 07 578 6080 to book an appointment with Mandy.

Emma Sievwright

Emma Sievwright

BHSc. Podiatry

We are delighted to have Emma join our team this year in August 2022.

Emma moved home to the Bay of Plenty after living in Auckland for 5 years. Emma loved being back in Tauranga and working with the community providing podiatry services for all ages. Throughout her career, she has spent periods of time outside of New Zealand developing her podiatry experience.

Emma lived in the UK on two separate occasions and most recently returned from 12 months in the United States. These experiences have also enabled her to get access to the most up-to-date methods for effective care

Emma is passionate about the ever-evolving appreciation and professionalism of podiatry in New Zealand and sees herself contributing to its development during her career.

Call us on 07 578 6080 to book an appointment with Emma.

Fynn Jiang

Fynn Jiang

MD (China) Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine

Fynn has over 20 years of acupuncture experience, treating many patients when studying at university.

Fynn worked in Beijing Electric Power Hospital for 18 years where he treated about 40 patients per day.

He worked in the Cardiovascular medicine department and Pneumology department as a resident doctor for one year.

Fynn worked in the General surgery department, Orthopedics department and Emergency department as a resident doctor for two years.

Fynn was a vice-chief TCM Doctor in China. His Doctor’s Licence in China is still valid. He has experience in modern medicine and TCM.

In Fynn’s own time, he enjoys refereeing Basketball.

Call us on 07 578 6080 to book an appointment with Fynn.

Dr Jae McCormick

Dr Jae McCormick

Chiropractor BSc (Chiro)

Hi, I’m Jae and I have been taking care of families in my community for the past 23 years. I love to see people thrive with chiropractic care and I am here to be an important part of your health team.

I take care of all members of the family, and my speciality and passion in practice are taking care of pregnant mums, babies and children. This began when I gave birth to my son while I was a chiropractic student and I followed it up with post-grad studies in chiropractic paediatrics.

In practice I use low-force techniques; the Activator technique and the Torque Release, which is a tonal technique. I also use soft tissue and cranial techniques with pregnant mamas and babies.

I have worked in family chiropractic practices in both New Zealand and Australia. I’m loving living back in the Bay of Plenty, where I grew up. My son and daughter are both young adults and I enjoy family time with them as often as we can.

When I’m not in the office I love to be on the water; boating or fishing. I also enjoy the beach, walking, riding my mountain bike, dancing, and… I’m a tiny house nut!

Call us on 07 578 6080 to book an appointment with Jae.

Olayemi Eseyin

Olayemi Eseyin


I am a seasoned physiotherapist with nearly 10 years of working experience, I have successfully rehabilitated diverse patients, restoring mobility and enhancing their quality of life.

I specialise in musculoskeletal disorders and I have a track record of designing tailored treatment plans that have led to a significant reduction in pain and improved functionality.

My commitment to evidence-based practice and continuous learning ensures that I stay at the forefront of the field which helps to fuel my passion for helping individuals achieve their physical potential.

Outside of my professional life, I am a family person. I love to spend time with my beautiful wife and my two lovely girls. I also love to read to keep up with the current trends in my field and outside my field.

Call us on 07 578 6080 to book an appointment with Olayemi.

Sally Hedley Dunmore

Sally Hedley Dunmore

Massage Therapist/Reflexologist

Sally has been in the industry for nearly 13 years, working in multiple clinics and being self-employed in New Zealand and in the UK.
Reflexology is one of her passions and still fascinates her to this day, as much as it did when she studied. The benefits and how it makes her clients feel are simply amazing.

Sally moved to NZ in 2019 and she feels it’s now her forever home, which she shares with her husband Steve and her little girl Lucy.

Sally enjoys in her free time being with her family, running, cycling, having coffee at the beach ideally with a book or with friends and sometimes a G&T.

Sally looks forward to meeting you in the clinic.

Call us on 07 578 6080 to book an appointment with Sally.

Colleen Chirnside

Colleen Chirnside

Teeth Whitening Consultant

Previously to Body Mechanix I have been a business owner and have been working mainly in Tourism Sales & Marketing Management roles for leading-edge organisations.

I worked in the UK for 12 years and came back to New Zealand to raise a family. I am married with three children, my youngest is 9 years old so that keeps me very busy… I enjoy spending time with friends, usually that would involve a walk, biking, or dinner. I love to travel and hope to do more of that in the future.